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Fort Wayne - You must use it! There are many facets of building a website design that ‘performs’ for your business.  Some of the most important aspect of web design neither you, nor your visitors will ever “see”.

We start by building your site on a “SEO Friendly” site. There are keys to having an internal site structure, and content that will maximize your sites ability to be ‘seen’ by the search engines.

Proper Keyword Research + Onsite SEO + Offsite

SEO = Traffic

Let me put it another way.. you have (2) sites, on that has been built to ‘max out’ it’s seo ability.. the other may built for “graphic design” only. If we were to do an equal amount of ‘offsite’ search engine optimization to both sites, one would easily outrank the other..wanna guess?

The site that was setup intentionally from the beginning to “receive and maximize” SEO wins..every time.

How We Combine SEO into Our Website Designs

Our ‘sister’ site will teach all you need to understand to confidently proceed with SEO services. The only thing missing is your budget.. and that’s the best part! We can create a targeted SEO campaign to make your pocketbook smile, from $500 to $15,000 per month!  Click Here to learn more about SEO today!  (And, yes there is another Free Guide there for you , too)

SEO is a must for Good Search Engines Rankings

We’re now well into the ‘digital age’ ..we make it no secret SEO is a must for any business wanting to have their sites listing high and seen by todays consumer:

  • You know the phone book is being used less

  • Internet Searches and Mobile Searches are on the rise

  • Most online traffic understand how to avoid the “ads” and looks for the highest ranking website that have what they are looking for!

  • What are you waiting for?

Contact us today and learn how SEO  can help increase your website visibly and website traffic.

It’s almost as silly to have no website and do SEO as it is to have a website and not do SEO !